TitulnŪ obrŠzek

Time machine

Thanks to the persistent efforts of trade as≠sociations and airframe manufacturers over the years, a clearer understanding of business aviation's benefits has helped change the perception of business aircraft from frivo≠lous toys for the privileged few to true business tools that have become virtually indispensible for an ever≠growing number of companies worldwide.

In the list of benefits, most obvious is the business aircraft's role as a "time machine". It has the ability to fly on demand, point-to-point, without making time-consuming connections at congested hub airports, as the airlines must. And since a business aircraft can use thousands of smaller airports or even rough airstrips not accessible to airliners, it's often possible to land closer to your ultimate destination, saving even more time in the process.

Flight Flexibility

The business aircraft operator is in complete control. Change your schedule-even en-route-to meet changing business conditions, handle a crisis or take timely advantage of new opportunities. It's a deal-makers dream.

Avoid Ground Delays

While herds of airline passen≠gers wait for check-in and seat assignments, then wait some more in lengthy security lines, business aircraft passengers go directly to their gate, usually at a private terminal on the airport. At destination, there's no wait≠ing at a crowded baggage claim area, or the chance of misrouted or lost luggage. The entire process is swift, smooth and stress-free.

Gain Inflight Productivity

Consider the business air≠craft as an extension of your office. As opposed to a crowded commercial airliner, it provides a comfort≠able, secure work environment aloft, free of distrac≠tions and eavesdroppers. The survey of business aircraft passengers revealed that productive collaboration among company employees or customers occurred nearly eight times more often than when those same employees were aboard commercial aircraft.

Family time

Without the constraints of airline schedules, travelers on business aircraft can often make multiple stops in a single day, and still be home for dinner. Fewer overnight hotel stays and related expenses not only save money but, more important, raise employee morale by providing more "family time".

Improved Security

In the current global airline travel environment, the subject of security has understandably assumed the highest level of prominence. And the business aircraft provides a high level of security. The operator has the peace of mind that comes from totally controlling every aspect of a flight, including flight crew, passengers and their baggage, maintenance and catering.

Business aircraft are also unpredictable in their routing and movements, making them extremely unlikely terrorist targets. In addition, other common-sense security measures can be taken, such as installing intrusion detection devices on the aircraft,and hiring guards as back-up to protect the aircraft, etc.

Marketing Initiatives

As a marketing tool, the business aircraft has no peer. It can span oceans to take a marketing team and all its presentation gear on a multi-country sales swing, saving full days in the bar- gain. Or it can cake a service team to new customer installations for hands-on training during critical "break-in" periods. Flexibility is the business aircraft's forte and while it's great at helping a company reach out to customers, it's equally effective in bringing customers or prospects back to headquarters. For example, to view their own work in progress or tour company facilities. In the marketing or customer relations role, the business aircraft has proven to be an excellent relationship-builder that often can be a subtle factor in closing the sale. Business aircraft have also been said to project a positive corporate image to customers and vendors alike. Above all, business aircrafts are formidable, versatile business tools whose applications and advantages may be as varied as the companies they serve.