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Aircraft management

Aircraft Acquisition

Buying an aircraft is a complex process. Knowledge is valuable and the lessons are expensive. JetPartner has an owner's perspective, and an operators knowledge.

Definujte vaše potřeby

Where do you fly, how often, with how many passengers? What is your budget? Should you own an aircraft or charter?

Compare aircraft options

What aircraft type best meets your requirements? Are there any suitable alternatives? What are the operating and ownership costs? What equipment is necessary? What is the residual value outlook?

Evaluate the market

We will conduct a custom market survey and comparison of available aircraft.

Purchase the aircraft

After you select suitable aircraft we work through the negotiation of offers, deposit, purchase, agreement, technical inspection, remedation, acceptance, delivery and documentation.

Manage financial and legal entities

We work with your advisors, attorney, and financial organizations as they develop an ownership entity, tax plan to ensure a smooth integration into ownership.

Aircraft Management

From the moment you own a personal aircraft, we provide complete management from technical support, crew and flight operations, to budgeting and cost control. You can concentrate on your travel, not the details.

Aircraft professionals and crew

Our aircraft management begins with recruiting, selecting and hiring specialized professionals. From pilots and maintenance technicians to flight attendants and flight coordinators, we hire and manage a staff dedicated to your personal service and convenience, and we monitor compliance of rigid safety, operational and maintenance standards.

Day to day management

In a complex regulatory, financial and technical environment, the safety, security, administrative and financial issues related to a critical operating asset are ongoing. We handle those for you.


Our aircraft management services are provided for a single annual fee. All costs flow through to you without markup or handling fees. You receive full benefit of our fleet discounts for fuel, insurance, maintenance and training - these savings generaly exceed the cost of our management. Finances are transparent open to audit and we provide detailed expenditure and usage accounting. Revenue from commercial charter may also be arranged, if you desire.